Wookey Exposed (2005)
a film by Gavin Newman

"A journey through time into a flooded underworld beneath the Mendip hills of Southern England."

Beneath the Mendip hills of Southern England lies a cave system that has challenged explorers since the earliest times, and continues to do so today. Cave men were the first to explore the darkness of "Wookey Hole" reaching as far as the fourth chamber. Subsequent generations of explorers have now pushed the known cave to beyond the twenty fifh chamber. As one of the UK´s most popular showcaves the public can venture as far as the ninth chamber, but from this point onwards much of the cave lies underwater and is the sole domain of the cave divers.

Winner - Best Adventure Film Kendal International Mountain Film Festival

Bonus: Nosey Parker - a film by Leo Dickinson of Rob Parkers 1985 Wookey Explorations.

Language: english

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