For over a decade, explorer Curt Bowen and his team of cave explorers have been pushing deeper and deeper into the inner jungles of the Yucatan in search of unexplored cenotes...the windows that reveal the ancient Maya.

Axis Mundi fallows the team as the journey relentlessly into the uncharted subterranean chambers ... discovering giant underwater passages, ancient relics, and the skeletal remains of tragedy and human sacrifice. As the fallow a path never before traveled, the team never knows what they might encounter.

Dequis 10 ans, Curt Bowen retourne inlassablement dans le fin fond du Yucatan, au milieu de la jungle hostile, á la rencontre du monde mysterieux des Mayas.

Language/Langue: English with French subtitles
VO anglaise sous-titree eb francais 52 min.

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